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MarkerLab: omics data research and collaboration


MarkerLab is a cloud-based data organization and visualization platform designed to help researchers move from data to discovery and knowledge, fast.

MarkerLab works with your final study data to provide simple multi-omics data integration, customizable applications and toolsets, engaging interactive reports, and a streamlined collaboration environment.

For Researchers

MarkerLab is a beautiful and intuitive tool for integrating and understanding multi-omic data, and collaborating with colleagues.

For Labs

MarkerLab is a publication platform that simplifies client management and engages customers with elegant, narrative reports.

For Kit and Reagent Companies

MarkerLab offers comprehensive data management, collaboration, and publication tools for lab customers; and a platform for reaching the larger research community.

For the Enterprise

MarkerLab provides all of the above, and a source of deep knowledge about omic data through Verso Insight.


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