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Introducing MarkerLab®

A web-based data organization and visualization platform that helps labs produce high-quality standardized data for research.

MarkerLab provides simple multi-omics data integration, customizable applications and toolsets, engaging interactive reports, and a streamlined collaboration environment.

For Labs
The MarkerLab platform enables custom strategies for organizing and publishing multi-omics data; with accompanying support for marketing and selling data services, and extensive integration with third-party kits, methods and platforms to enhance your offering and provide optimum value for your research customers.
For Kit and Reagent Companies
MarkerLab provides an extensible framework for promoting and delivering complete kit-to-presentation solutions to labs, and a targeted distribution network for reaching the larger research community.
For Researchers
MarkerLab presents a delightful user experience with beautiful, intuitive tools for organizing, visualizing and understanding multi-omic data, and collaborating with colleagues.


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